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Japan-Korea join forces to battle Hollywood1 min read

12 October 2010 < 1 min read


Japan-Korea join forces to battle Hollywood1 min read

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Putting aside their past cultural and political differences stemming from Japan’s WWII-era occupation of Korea, Japanese films started making inroads in there around 1999. Nowadays, filmmakers from both countries are sharing success in titles such as the romance “Sayonara Itsuka,” by Korean director John H. Lee, which grossed 1.2 billion yen ($14.6 million) in Japan this year.
“The recent prosperity in Korean cinema was made possible by KOFIC’s generosity. This is a subject of great envy for us in Japan,” said Kawai.  He added that Japan must shed its introspective nature and “play on the Asian stage.” For now, that still won’t mean many Japanese co-productions in China, where subject matter can quickly dredge up painful history.

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