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Singapore Film Festival Melbourne1 min read

3 September 2010 < 1 min read


Singapore Film Festival Melbourne1 min read

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For the first time in Australia, seven Singapore-made films will come together over five days, at the inaugural Singapore Film Festival. The festival will present a mix of tasty shorts, exciting feature length films and documentaries, from Asia’s most cosmopolitan city, showcasing the best of Singapore’s New Wave.

Sinema is proud to be a partner of the Singapore Film Festival, Melbourne, bringing two programmes to the screen: feature film The Days, by Boi Kwong, and Sinema Showoff Short Films Showcase (four local short films in one programme).

Inspired by true events, The Days tells a cautionary tale between two brothers, set between 1989 and 1990. In a misguided effort to teach his younger brother, Baby independence, and to make him feel protected, Zi Long brings him into his gang of delinquents, throwing them into a tumultuous and violent world that will, in different ways, imprison them both.

The next Sinema Showoff programme contains four local short films, Kitchen Quartet, Durai & Saro, Happy Place, and Steadfast.  The former three were showcased at various Showoff programmes, and the latter, Steadfast, even had a theatrical run in Sinema.

The festival will run from the 4th to 8th of September at Melbourne’s premier cinemas, Greater Union and Cinema Nova.

For more information on the Festival programmes and ticketing details, please visit the Singapore Film Festival Melbourne website.

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