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15Malaysia1 min read

16 August 2010 2 min read


15Malaysia1 min read

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Hilarious, tear-jerking, scary, thought provoking ““ 15Malaysia showcases 15 short films from some of the best filmmakers in Malaysia today, including the late Yasmin Ahmad, as part of the Causeway Exchange Festival.

From an emotional rollercoaster ride across Malaysia’s diverse socio-political landscape to the misunderstood hiding her darkest secrets, these films put the country under the microscope and show a new side to it.


The films include:

  • Potong Saga by Ho Yuhang
  • Chocolate by Yasmin Ahmad
  • The Tree by Amir Muhammad
  • House by Linus Chung
  • Halal by Liew Seng Tat
  • The Son by Desmond Ng
  • Lumpur by Kamal Sabran
  • One Future by Tan Chui Mui
  • Slovak Sling by Woo Ming Jin
  • Gerhana by James Lee
  • Meter by Benji & Bahir
  • Duit Kecil by Johan John
  • Healthy Paranoia by Khairil Bahar
  • Lollipop by Nam Ron
  • Rojak! by Suleiman Brothers

Venue: Screening Room
Date & Time: 26 ““ 31 August 2010 @ 7pm on weekdays | 1pm, 4.15pm & 8pm on Saturday | 4pm on Sunday [80 mins] Tickets: $8
Rating: TBA

For more information and ticketing details, click here.

About Causeway Exchange:

Over 3000 faces. Laughter. Tears. Anxiety. Hope.

Theatre. Film. Visual Arts.

Five days of Malaysia’s quirkiest, most original and inspirational artists all in one House, sharing a facet of Malaysia that is rarely seen! The inaugural CausewayEXchange festival aims to build a bridge between Singapore and Malaysia through the platform of arts and culture.

The festival will serve up an exciting potpourri of stand-up comedy, theatre, film screenings, visual and digital art exhibitions, photography workshops, as well as the world’s first e-photo exhibition!

Come check out the lighter side of our neighbour!

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