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Singapore Films Appreciated by Malaysian Audiences1 min read

11 August 2010 < 1 min read


Singapore Films Appreciated by Malaysian Audiences1 min read

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Close to 1,000 people watched and appreciated six Singapore-made films at the Maskara Shorties Film Festival held at Rumah PENA, Kuala Lumpur on Saturday, 7th August 2010.

The annual outdoor festival held for the third time, also showcased close to 20 other Malaysian films by seasoned and fresh filmmakers.

Maskara Shorties was organised by Sindiket Sol-jah ““ a passionate arts activist group made up of filmmakers and enthusiasts that hold regular free public screenings in Kuala Lumpur.

The Singapore films were curated by Singapore Polytechnic, the same event team working on this year’s Sinema Showoff! programme.

“The set of Singapore films truly won the hearts of our Film Selection Committee and we were delighted to present the filmmakers work to our huge audience and supporters,” said OP Zaharin, Secretary – Sindiket Sol-jah, Maskara Shorties 2010.

Selection of Singapore – made films:

1. Rare Fish (Ikan Langka) (Curator’s Pick ““ Must See)
Basil Mironer | Bahasa Indonesia | 11 mins

2. The Forest Spirits (World Premiere) (Curator’s Pick ““ Must See)
Ting Sze Kiong | Mandarin | 10 mins

3. a la folie (Like Crazy)
Sanif Olek | Malay | 12 mins

4. Sunrise
Platon Theodoris | Khmer | 15 mins

5. Hennie
Ethan Page | Dialogue-less | 4 mins

6. Fighting Fit
Sulaiman Salomon | English & Malay | 4 mins

Malaysia’s award-winning director Mamat Khalid and sitcom director, Hafsham’s films were also shown at the festival.

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