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The Pawnshop: A place of misfortune or hope?1 min read

27 July 2010 < 1 min read


The Pawnshop: A place of misfortune or hope?1 min read

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The pawnshop. The one place that thrives on the misfortunes of others, yet to some, offers hope and redemption.

Sanglaan is a story of one such pawnshop in Tondo, Manila. Here, we meet Olivia, the stern pawnshop owner stubbornly holding on to a losing proposition; Amy, the idealist in search of love; husband and wife Kanor and Esing in face of multiple tragedies, and David the charming seaman.

Coming out of the recent economic crisis, Sanglaan is a light but serious look on fleeting fortunes and permanent interests.

Filipino director, Milo Sogueco’s first full-length feature film has earned him multiple awards at various festivals, including the Lyon Asian Film Festival and the 16th Vesoul International Film Festival of Asian Cinema.

Sanglaan was also screened during this year’s Singapore International Film Festival.

Tickets are priced at $10* each. To book tickets, visit or simply come down to our box office.

Screening dates and times are as follows:

06.08.10 | Friday | 6.30pm & 8.30pm
13.08.10 | Friday | 6.30pm & 8.30pm
15.08.10 | Sunday | 3.00pm
20.08.10 | Friday | 5.00pm
27.08.10 | Friday | 5.00pm

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For a full synopsis and trailer, click here.

To book tickets, click here.

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