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New XF 305 and XF 300 Professional Full-HD Video Camcorders by Canon4 min read

18 June 2010 4 min read


New XF 305 and XF 300 Professional Full-HD Video Camcorders by Canon4 min read

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Canon’s new XF 305 and XF 300, two professional camcorders created in consultation with industry experts, will be released next month.

Both the XF 305 and XF 300 employ an MPEG-2 Long GOP 4:2:2 50Mbps codec for capturing and recording native 1920 x 1080 video onto affordable, universally available Compact Flash (CF) cards.

Combining video, audio and metadata into a single file, the Canon XF 305 and XF 300 use the MXF (Material Exchange Format), a widely supported open source format, to maximize compatibility with existing industry infrastructure and non-linear editing (NLE) systems. The Canon XF 305 and XF 300 have been engineered for multiple production applications including broadcast news, documentary and independent filmmaking.

“High definition video content creation is fast becoming the industry standard in broadcast and video production,” said Andrew Koh, Director and General Manager of the Consumer Imaging and Information Division, Canon Singapore. “Canon is proud to introduce the new XF 305 and XF 300, two professional camcorders that offer extraordinary image quality, a generous array of features and seamless integration with common workflows. Videographers will now be able to focus on their core business, depending on the high quality of the new XF series, at a reasonable price point.”

The Canon XF 305 and XF 300 include a Genuine Canon 18x HD L-series lens providing documentary filmmakers and news camera operators with the focal-range versatility required in the field. Each model includes three Canon native 1920 x 1080 CMOS image sensors for extreme colour detail required for accurate chroma-keying, colour-grading and compositing for digital filmmaking.

For finer transitions in tone and colour, 4:2:2 colour sampling offers twice the colour resolution of HDV and other 4:2:0 formats. In addition, Canon’s XF 305 model features industry- standard HD-SDI output, genlock, and SMPTE time code (in/out) terminals for multi-camera productions.

Genuine Canon Optics: 18x optical zoom HD L-series lens with Image Stabilization

The XF 305 and XF 300 incorporate a wide-angle 29.3mm (35mm equivalent) f/1.6 Canon HD Video L lens with 18x optical zoom to deliver over 1,000 TV lines of resolution. The lens utilizes Ultra Dispersion (UD), Ultra Aberration (UA), and Hi-UD elements, which correct a variety of aberrations while contributing to the lens’s compact design, as well as enhanced optical image stabilization for improved camera shake correction.
The LEGRIA HF S11 true HD lenses incorporates Dynamic Optical Image Stabilization and 10x optical zoom, perfect for both automatic and manual focus, and feature improved low-light sensitivity. The LEGRIA HF S11 captures 1920×1080 resolution video of up to 24 mbps for the highest recording quality.

A new SuperRange Optical Stabilizer (OIS) system features Dynamic and Powered modes for optimal performance in the most demanding shooting situations. In addition, there is a Full Manual Focus mode with mechanical “hard” end stops and distance markers for professional operability and repeatable manual focus.

Superior Three-CMOS sensor system

Both models include three Canon native1920 x 1080 CMOS image sensors, one for each primary colour, delivering faithful colour reproduction. Each 1/3-inch CMOS sensor incorporates approximately 2.07-million effective pixels for 1,920 x 1,080 Full HD recording, and delivers reduced noise and rolling shutter distortion (a phenomenon where subjects are distorted at an angle during high-speed movement). Additionally, the sensors also achieve faster signal readout, and enable slow/fast-motion recording.

Both models incorporate the DIGIC DV III Image Processor, which delivers enhanced performance through such capabilities as high-precision gamma processing, new image adaptive processing for smooth gradation expression, face detection technology and an enhanced Custom Picture function supporting a diverse range of image adjustments.

To maximize the camcorders’ adaptability across various production environments, Canon has equipped each model with the ability to record at multiple bit rates, resolutions and selectable frame rates for slow and fast motion. Additional features include variable-interval for time-lapse capture, frame-record for stop-motion animation, and a photo feature for frame-grabs.

Universally available recording medium: CF Card Compatibility

The XF 305 and XF 300 record to lightweight, easily accessible and highly reliable flash memory CF cards, which allow for random access to recorded media. For continuous relay-recording, both models also feature two memory card slots.

To support the swift adoption of the Canon XF Codec, Canon has worked in cooperation with major editing and post-production software developers, including Adobe, Apple, Avid, and Grass Valley, to ensure compatibility with leading software programs widely used within the video production and broadcast industries.

Enhanced Ergonomics and Operation

The Canon XF 305 and XF 300 are designed to maximize shooting comfort and usability. The well-balanced design allows the operator to comfortably control the camcorder and easily maintain a steady shot while minimizing arm fatigue. Each camcorder also features a convenient, freely rotating 4.0-inch, 1.23-megapixel LCD monitor that can be positioned at either the right or left side of the camcorder body, allowing for easy viewing even in the most difficult shooting positions.

The LCD monitor also provides a display of the camcorders’ built-in waveform monitor and vectorscope to aid in achieving accurate exposure and colour levels while shooting. Additionally, the LCD can show peaking, edge-monitor-focus and magnify the image, enabling users to confirm critical focus, an essential objective in all HD production. Equipped with 1.55-megapixel colour electronic viewfinder, the XF 305 and XF 300 provide the highest resolution in their class for critical focus and approximately 100 percent field-of-view coverage for accurate judgement of composition.

Audio Flexibility

The Canon XF 305 and XF 300 feature built-in stereo microphone as well as dual XLR inputs for external audio sources. They support 16-bit PCM audio at 48kHz with automatic and manual audio level adjustment.

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