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Singapore gets new interactive ICT e-services and 3D TV trials1 min read

16 June 2010 < 1 min read


Singapore gets new interactive ICT e-services and 3D TV trials1 min read

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Singapore’s infocommunications and technology scene is being injected with a range of solutions aimed to bridge social and government services. This was revealed by the nation’s Acting Minister for Information, Communication and the Arts, Lui Tuck Yew, at Infocomm Media Business Exchange (imbX) 2010, Tuesday morning.

Lui touched on a series of updates for the Intelligent Nation 2015 (iN2015) masterplan and introduced new e-services. We’ve summarized the key points of his opening address below.

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  1. 3D-HDTV-Review

    Thank you for the 3d tv info ..... Three Dimensional home television programing is going to be the next big thing since HD and Blueray! Computer users have been cutting their teeth with 3D for a year, with Nvidia’s 3D technology but it has not reached the mass market yet. With more and more films being made in 3D it is only a matter of time before this technology reaches the wide market place. 3D has undergone a tremendous resurrection in the public’s consciousness. Block busters such as Avatar, paved the way introducing new technology to film makers. This year alone in Hollywood movies you will see close to 80 films in 3D HD come out. Companies such as Sony, Samsung, and LG are making 3D televisions right now for consumers homes.

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