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Shekhar Kapur to shoot his new film in Singapore

17 May 2010

Shekhar Kapur to shoot his new film in Singapore

Shekhar Kapur, two time Oscar nominee, will be shooting a new film, Paani, right here in Singapore from November.

Based on a book by Maude Barlow, Paani, which means “water”, is a dark tale about the looming water crisis, where water has become as precious as gold.  The film set in the future, in two mythical cities ““ an upper city where the rich and powerful control the water, and a lower city where the poor and waterless are forced to steal the liquid to survive.

Paani tells of a love story between an upper city girl and a lower city boy amid the desperate circumstances of their situations.

Shekhar will be shooting 30 to 40 percent of the film in Singapore, particularly the “upper city” scenes, while the “lower city” scenes will be shot in India.

He says, “I know Singapore has had issues with water (in the past) but now they’ve managed the issues and resolved them. But it’s still a constant stress on India. And ultimately, it will affect all the different parts in this world.”

An interview with Shekhar Kapur regarding Paani and his obsession with water can be found here.

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