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The Gang2 min read

15 April 2010 3 min read


The Gang2 min read

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2010 | Action Drama | Singapore | Mandarin / Hokkien | 32 min | M18 | $4

Director: Kelvin Sng

Premieres 7th May 2010 at Sinema Old School

The GangThe year is 1974. The focus of the police has shifted primarily to the extermination of secret societies, which have gradually been experiencing the increased pressure and are now in disarray.

After his father was murdered, 18-year-old Hao Nan is emotionally torn. As he copes with his loss, his desire to seek out the murderer also deepens. Driven by his naiveté and shallow understanding of secret societies, Hao Nan’s chance encounter with the Red Luck Gang inspires him and shows him more effective ways of dealing with injustice in life.

Impressed by the ethics and philosophy of the gang, Hao Nan hopes to join it and use its influence to avenge his father’s death. However, Red Luck’s leader, Hei Ge, is reluctant to accept Hao Nan until he can prove himself worthy of the gang.

As Hao Nan gets closer to Red Luck Gang, he soon discovers that beneath the façade of brotherhood lies brutal violence and betrayal that are contrary to the glorious and dignified image of the gang.

Will Hao Nan’s deepened desire to avenge his father outweigh his innermost conscience and dictate his actions?

THE GANG Still 1 THE GANG Still 3 THE GANG Still 9

“The performances were very good, very well directed…” ““ Eric Khoo

“…a riveting 32-minute film…” ““ City News

About the Director:

Kelvin Sng’s 2005 short film “More Than Words”, a tribute to the late Asian songstress Teresa Teng, has been invited to various international film festivals around the world including Italy, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, Romania and Africa. In 2006, Kelvin was awarded the Script Development Grant by the Singapore Film Commission to develop “More Than Words” into a feature film screenplay.

In late 2009, Kelvin wrote, produced and directed “The Gang”, a 32-minute prelude to the feature film version of the same title, which will go into production in the 4th quarter of 2010. “The Gang” premiered at the Grand Cathay to rave reviews in February 2010 and is currently the most expensive short film ever made in Singapore.

Kelvin also serves as Programme Director, Creative Consultant and Acting Coach to various institutions and companies. He is currently the Vice-President of the Screenwriters’ Association of Singapore and is also an Associate Artist of The Substation.

In addition, Kelvin is the Managing Director of Kelvin Sng Productions which focuses on film production and artiste management. His belief in nurturing new talent sees him signing on promising actors under his belt including Maia Lee, whose acting career was single-handedly launched by him.

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