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P. Ramlee: Tribute to a Legend2 min read

13 April 2010 2 min read


P. Ramlee: Tribute to a Legend2 min read

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The monthly China Square Central outdoor screening is back. For the months of April and May, the Singapore Film Society will be paying tribute to Tan Sri P. Ramlee  with 4 retrospective screenings of his films.

Tan Sri P.Ramlee (1929 – 1973) was a film actor, director, singer and songwriter. Due to his many talents and contributions to the movie and music industry, he is considered as an icon of Malay entertainment during the Golden Age of the film industry in both Singapore and Malaysia.

Admission is FREE. Come early to get your free F&N soft drink, which will only be available for the first 200.

This is a rain or shine event. Screenings will be shifted indoors if there is bad weather. Come early to ‘chope’ the limited seating, or bring along your own mats, cushions & picnic baskets!

April 23, 7:30 pm
Sarjan Hassan / Sergeant Hassan (PG)
1955 | Singapore | Malay with English Subtitles
B&W | 115 min | Drama, War
Director: Lamberto V.Avellana and P.Ramlee (uncredited)

Based on the true story of Sarjan Hassan, a soldier during the turbulent time of World War II. Hassan was called a coward by the villagers as he was forced to stay behind to take care of the plantation left by his step father. Unable to stand the heckling, Hassan decides to run away and become a young soldier. He was soon promoted to the rank of Segeant and rose to become a hero of the people.

Sarjan Hassan is the only war movie in P.Ramlee’s extensive career, and it is also widely considered to be his directorial debut, as he shares the roles of directing the film with Lamberto Avellana from the Philippines.

April 24, 7:30pm
Madu Tiga / Three Rivals (PG)
1964 | Singapore |  Malay with English subtitles
B&W | 100 min | Comedy
Director: P.Ramlee

P. Ramlee takes a hilarious dig at polygamy in Madu Tiga (Three Rivals). Jamal (P. Ramlee) takes three wives without one knowing the other’s existence. Together with his father-in-law’s approval and help, he delicately juggles his marriages with ingenious lies, but as luck will have it, the three women become friends after a chance meeting at the salon.

Jamal’s three-way tango soon gets discovered and his wives gang up to teach him a lesson he will never forget. This gem of a comedy won the Best Comedy Award in the 11th Asian Film Festival in Taipei.

For more information, visit the Facebook page for this event.

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