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Financially Fulfilling Freelancing1 min read

9 April 2010 2 min read


Financially Fulfilling Freelancing1 min read

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Ever feel that you have no control over your finances as a freelance Creative Professional? How do you price yourself in the market? Are you treating your freelance creative work as a Career? Do you ever plan for your income, on a yearly or even monthly basis? Do you just live from hand to mouth?

Six Degrees is conducting a lively 2-part, 5-hour workshop for freelancers and creative professionals who have to face the challenges of erratic flow of projects and income, delayed payments, and the need to spend time lining up work as well as following up after each project to collect payment.

Conducted by Jeremiah Choy, a lawyer turned producer-director with more than 20 years of inside knowledge of the freelance creative industry as an actor, writer, director and producer. This workshop promises to be insightful and practical for everyone. You will leave with a basic understanding of how to plan for yourself financially, and the ability to present yourself so as to find more, and better opportunities.

Session 1

Discusses benchmarking rates, working through your personal budget and monthly targets, and offers some insider and insightful advice on how to protect your intellectual property, look out for pitfalls in a contract, insurance and savings.

Session 2

Open to anyone even if you did not attend Session 1.

  • Relay what employers are looking for and concerned about
  • Share how freelancers can do better at securing jobs
  • Meet & network with employers from theatre and live performance

Offer Planning Tips such as:

  • Maintaining an updated resume and portfolio
  • Using your networks more effectively
  • Professional conduct ““ what works


Session 1
22 April Thursday, 7pm to 9pm
$20 per person

Session 2
30 April Friday, 7pm to 10pm
Free session


Emily Hill, 11 Upper Wilkie Rd

To register, email

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