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Australian Film Festival 20101 min read

29 March 2010 < 1 min read


Australian Film Festival 20101 min read

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Don’t miss the 12th annual Australian film festival in Singapore!

This year features a selection of the best Australian films from internationally-acclaimed directors, producers and actors, and celebrate Singapore’s hosting of the inaugural 2010 Youth Olympic Games with a sports and recreation themed program.

Australian Film Festival 2010

1 – 6 April 2010
GV Grand, Great World City
Tickets at $10
Available online from Golden Village

Love the Beast (Opening Film)
2009 |documentary | Eric Bana | 92mins | PG
Thu 1 April | 9pm

This feature documentary follows the 25″“year relationship between awardwinning Australian actor Eric Bana and his beloved Ford GT Falcon Coupe (“˜The Beast’) ““ an honest, heartfelt account of Bana’s life and the things that are important to him: family, friends and his car.

Official selection: Tribecca Film Festival 2009

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