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Durai and Saro1 min read

27 March 2010 < 1 min read


Durai and Saro1 min read

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Sinema is also proud to have the world premiere of Prema Menon’s highly anticipated “Durai & Saro” at this Tuesday’s Sinema Showoff!’s Masala Mix programme.


Droves of men and women from neighbouring Asian countries make up this transient work force and take up low-paying jobs- most men in the labour market, and women as domestic helpers.

Durai & Saro Poster

Many come looking to save their families from poverty. This invisible population contributes largely to the country’s stellar growth and ability to remain competitive in the global economy.

Unforunately, a growing number live on the fringes of Singapore’s society, receiving little or no payment from their employers. They face exploitation and suffer physical as well as mental abuse.

Durai & Saro highlights the plight and loneliness of foreign workers in Singapore, the story revolving around the platonic relationship shared by Durai, an Indian construction worker and Saro, a Filipino domestic maid.

The film aims to give a face to these men and women, to see them as regular people, and not just commodities in the big picture of Singapore’s economy.


The music of this film was taken from the CD compilation, “Migrant Voices”.

“Migrant Voices” was an initiative to bring together the musical talents of migrants from overseas who have put in their heart and soul to the growth of Singapore society, and aimed to raise funds through a music album.

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