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Sinema Showoff! Masala Mix: Programme4 min read

20 March 2010 3 min read


Sinema Showoff! Masala Mix: Programme4 min read

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The programme for this month’s Sinema Showoff! has been released! Music videos, short films, documentaries… Take your pick. Admission for Sinema Showoff! is free, and its happening on Tuesday, 30th March.

For more enquiries or interview requests with the directors, feel free to drop me an email at sueanne[at]sinema[dot]sg.


by Jacen Tan (6 mins)

Nominee, Best Art Direction – Singapore Short Film Awards 2010.
RudraIs a heavy metal re-imagination of the ancient Sanskrit text ‘The Bhagavad Gita’, one of the most important philosophical classics of the world. The music video took over a year to create because of its intensive visual effects.

Before the start of the Kurukshetra War, Prince Arjuna is reluctant to go into battle as he has to fight his relatives, beloved friends and revered teachers. In desperation, Arjuna turns to his charioteer and mentor, Krishna for advice. Krishna explains to Arjuna his duties as a warrior and reveals the nature of the Self.

Indian performance arts groups Apsara Asia and Maya Dance Theatre were roped on to help with the stunt choreography and costume design. Props and weapons were also specially made for the epic battle scenes.

Director’s Bio:

Jacen Tan was named by The Straits Times Life! as one of Singapore’s most exciting young filmmakers. In 2005, his debut short film ‘Tak Giu’ (Kick Ball) became a cult hit and received over 100,000 internet views. He hasn’t stopped making films since!


by Vicknesh Varan (24 mins)

Winner ““ Best Documentary, Singapore Short Film Awards 2010

Indian national Anthonysamy Charles and his colleagues were issued a special pass while investigations at their former workplace was being carried out. The Special Pass entitles them to stay in Singapore but work only in limited places. ??The award-winning documentary follows Charles and his colleagues as they attempt to find food, shelter and work to support themselves under challenging circumstances.

Director’s Bio:

Vicknesh Varan graduated with a Diploma in Mass Communication from Ngee Ann Polytechnic in 2005. After completing National Service, he has been freelancing as an assistant producer.

He recently attended a summer filmmaking course at the University of Melbourne. He hopes ‘Special Pass’ to highlights the voice of foreign workers in Singapore.


by Vigneswaran Rajkumar (10 mins)

The film centers on two trishaw riders in Singapore and the tiring work of their backbreaking profession.

Director’s Bio:

Vigneswaran completed a diploma in filmmaking from SAE Institute Singapore.  NO TEN DOLLAR RIDE is Vigneswaran’s first short film.


Keralaby Sabrina Nazimudeen (5 mins)

The comedic struggles of a Keralite girl becoming a bellydancer.

Director’s Bio:

Nazimudeen is currently a final year student at Ngee Ann Polytechnic pursuing a Diploma in Film Sound & Video.


by Ajay Zaldo, Amir Hussain, Syed Idros & Hamidi Yahya (11 mins)

An old friend, John, comes back after studying aboard for a long time and pays a visit to Ali unexpectedly. Ali is a young man with a bad memory, which is a constant bump in his life. So one day, left alone at home, he gets a visit from John, who had just come back from overseas. They catch up on old times but slowly, Ali starts to discover that John is not merely visiting.

Director’s Bio:

The four directors are close friends who met in Singapore Polytechnic and joined a theatre club. There, they discovered their interest in short films and continue producing short films together.

Durai & Saro


by Prema Menon

Durai, a construction worker from India, faces pressure to remit more money back home. He takes on a part-time job by washing cars early in the morning. He meets Saro, a Filipino domestic maid who often seems tired, when she heads to the same car park to wash her employer’s car. Their platonic friendship evolves around both their homesickness.

Director’s Bio:

Prema graduated from Murdoch University in Western Australia.

Prema spent 18 months in India’s film industry working as an assistant director on several Tamil and Telugu films. She credits her time in India as the most eyeopening and experiential step in her career thus far- and one that she took many lessons from.

Prema remains busy running her own video and event coverage company plus freelancing for other major production houses in Singapore.

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