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WORD Open House2 min read

15 March 2010 2 min read


WORD Open House2 min read

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“Oh my WORD! It’s Open House!”

Word of the Actor is opening their doors to Actors & Directors who are curious about what goes on during their Scene Work sessions.

For one day only, on 17 MARCH (WED), 7 – 10p.m., at Sinema Old School (Theatre Space), come and experience Word!

The director for this special Open House will be Nicholas Chee, Executive Director of Sinema Academy. They will be working with an original script, “Lease on Life”, written by a local scriptwriter under Sinema’s “First Draft” mentorship programme.

Please register through Laura at by 16 March (Tues).

FEE: $5 (Refreshment provided)

** 5 lucky actors will get a One-Year AADB Membership FREE!

About Word of the Actor:
Scene Work Sessions for Actors to work their acting muscle, and for Directors to work & rehearse with Actors in a creative environment.

Every Wednesday between 7p.m. – 9p.m. we conduct an Actors’ Scene Work Session.

Between 6 – 8 actors participate in scene work; the small group ensures there is sufficient time to push performance and establish the makings of character in each scene.

These sessions are supported by Sinema Old School, the independent film hub of Singapore

Keep the Acting Muscle flexed and ready to work!
Focus on Performance & Character, Motivations & Intentions, and developing the Back Story.
Word of the Actor is absolutely beneficial to you as an actor.
These sessions are suitable for Actors with Film, Theatre, Television Experience.

Work with Actors who are ready to Take Direction.
Give Adjustments & watch how your directions change the scene.
Understand the Actor’s Psyche & How Actors Work Through Scenes.
We invite film directors with credits to conduct these sessions with us.

Spaces are strictly limited to 6 – 8 Actors per week, depending on actors’ availability.

Each week, we invite in a different Director, and are open to different directing styles.

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