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Panasonic Digital Film Fiesta: The Sight of Music1 min read

19 February 2010 2 min read


Panasonic Digital Film Fiesta: The Sight of Music1 min read

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Our next interview is with Panasonic Digital Film Fiesta finalist Goh Kun Lei, who directed the film, The Sight of Music.

Catch this film and more, during theĀ Panasonic DFF screenings on the 24th and 25th of February.


TheSightofMusicHow long have you been making films, and have you been doing it full time or part time?

I am a graduating digital filmmaking student from NTU, School of Arts Design Media. I am relatively new to filmmaking, largely making short films during my four years of uni studies.

Can you tell us a bit about your film?

It is actually a scene in a longer story that i have written. It’s about an interesting situation where we are so entrenched in our rapidly changing society that we sometimes fail to appreciate simple things that are important to us.

Where did you get inspiration for your film?

Happenings in everyday life… i guess. It came to me when i decide to stop and listen to a lovely song performed by an elderly street busker.

Which is your favourite scene and why?

I would say the way the film ended as it encompasses my challenge for my audience to ‘listen’ to the bigger picture.

What were some of the things you learnt from the mentorship?

I’ve learnt alot from the mentorship programme. My mentor, Yee-wei, provided me with much valuable insights on filmmaking and story telling, which benefited me as a filmmaker on the whole.

Any plans for your next project?

As mentioned earlier, “The Sight of Music” is a scene from a longer story that I’ve written. I am currently working on it and hopefully it will turn out well.

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