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First Tamil Film in Singapore1 min read

18 February 2010 < 1 min read


First Tamil Film in Singapore1 min read

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Gurushetram ““ 24 Hours of Anger is the first Tamil film that has been made in Singapore. The movie is set to be released at the Golden Village Cinemas in Singapore during the month of April. Its release will coincide with the Tamil Language Month celebrations in Singapore.

[Gurushetram-24-hours-of-anger-Singapore-filmThe film is jointly produced by the Singapore Film Commission and Blue River Pictures, a Singaporean Production Company. The film is directed by TT Dhavamanni.

T.T. Dhavamanni, an award winning director of many television movies, is making his big screen entry with Gurushetram, 24 Hours of Anger.

The technical crew includes European cinematographer Lucas Jodogne, music composer Rafee of Jaggubhai fame, and State award winning editor Praveen K.L. of Kollywood hits Saroja, Kanthaswamy and Goa.

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