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Panasonic Digital Film Fiesta: 31.12.20092 min read

18 February 2010 2 min read


Panasonic Digital Film Fiesta: 31.12.20092 min read

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We’ve lined up a few interviews with the filmmakers of the Panasonic Digital Film Fiesta, before they showcase their films on the big screen here at Sinema next week.

Filmmaker Darren Tan gives us the lowdown on his film, 31.12.2009.

Catch this film and more, during theĀ Panasonic DFF screenings on the 24th and 25th of February.


How long have you been making films, and have you been doing it full time or part time?

Been dabbling with film since 2006 when I was in university. After graduating in 2009, I joined a production company called Little Red Ants Creative Studio as a creative director and have been doing it fulltime since.

Can you tell us a bit about your film?

The film is a reflection of the current sentiment of Singaporean society towards helping others in need.

Where did you get inspiration for your film?

In early January 2010, a video that was circulating around the web was brought to my attention. It was a video about a groping incident that happened on a countdown party in Sentosa. The details of the incident can be easily found on the web. Appalled not by the act of those involved, but those who stood by and simply watched the incident unveil in front of them, I decided to do a film that addressed this social apathy syndrome.

31.12.2009Which is your favourite scene and why?

There is only 1 scene in the film and is a long take. The viewer is made to feel like he is watching a CCTV footage and I intentionally wanted to have this viewpoint to make the viewer feel like voyeurs.

What were some of the things you learnt from the mentorship?

That help is available to people who want to help themselves.

Any plans for your next project?

Still in the infant stages, but I’m working on a project about Singapore itself. A definitively Singaporean film.

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