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Save Our Film2 min read

12 February 2010 2 min read


Save Our Film2 min read

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Help a group of NTU students and do your part to help ‘Save Our Film’ as well!  The ‘Save Our Film’ campaign is a nationwide outreach effort to raise awareness amongst those aged 15 to 35 and educate them on the importance of saving our local film for the future.


It is held as a part of the 5th Anniversary celebrations of the Asian Film Archive, a local charity dedicated to collecting, conserving and sharing our local films from before the Golden Era (’50s and ’60s) till today, and will launch on 30 January till the end of February.

The ‘Save Our Film’ campaign launches with a series of nationwide guerilla publicity efforts, starting with the campaign Mock DVD & Poster on display at supporting stores and cinemas.  They promote five early Singapore titles with a twist ““ these films are lost and thus unavailable.

Every Saturday evening in February, catch impromptu Video Projections that will be happening at mystery locations around the island.  Catch our pop-up ten minute video projection featuring the campaign messages and interview clips of film memories from local film community members and other memory-keepers.

Part of the ‘Save Our Film’ campaign involves a nation-wide Call for Memories where members of the public will be invited to contribute video clips of themselves or their “memory-keepers” like parents and grandparents to share their recollections of Singapore film.

This can include actual Singapore films and the experience of watching films in Singapore in the good old days of large hall cinemas and the like. These video clips will be amassed on the Asian Film Archive YouTube group to form an online video memories exhibition accessible to the public and our targeted audience of youths who will not have these memories of their own.

For more updates and information about how you can be part of this movement, visit

This campaign is held as part of the Asian Film Archive 5th Anniversary celebrations for 2010.

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