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SINdie: Who’s Shooting What in 2010?1 min read

22 December 2009 < 1 min read


SINdie: Who’s Shooting What in 2010?1 min read

Reading Time: < 1 minute

SINdie is a blog that supports local films in its own unique ways and and they are planning something special for the year end on our blog, something that would be a useful resource for all in the film community as well.

It is like a ‘Who’s Shooting What?’ guide for 2010. So they want you to share some info on your ‘pet’ or key project of 2010.

Just one. It can be anything – a short, a feature, a music video etc.

Here is what they need:
(1) name of project
(2) brief description of project
(3) an enticing tagline of quote for the project
(4) 1 photo of yourself
(5) ‘test’/’sample’ photos that can represent the project (1 or 2 are enough)

Feel free to provide them with your additional inputs if you wish to!

Kindly send the info back by 25 Dec 2009 to Jeremy Sing via email and copy Darren Ong and Li Kahyan as well.

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