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12th Manhattan Short Film Festival at Sinema Old School1 min read

23 September 2009 < 1 min read


12th Manhattan Short Film Festival at Sinema Old School1 min read

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The 12th Annual Manhattan Short Film Festival is coming to Sinema Old School this September and now you can be a part in determining the winner of this event.Join us on Saturday, September 26 at 5.30pm to view, and ultimately judge the next generation of international filmmakers from USA, Australia, Mozambique, UK, Israel, Spain, France, Sweden and Italy.

Filmgoers will be handed a voting card upon entry and asked to vote for the one film they feel should win. A total of 172 cities across five continents will take part in this voting process which will finally be tallied at the festival’s headquarters in New York City.

The winner, who will be announced on Tuesday, September 29 at 9.15pm, may have a chance to be nominated for and even winning an Oscar in the short film category.

Described as a “Cinematic Olympiad”, the festival received 428 entries from 36 countries around the world this year. Out of these, 10 short films all 14 minutes and under in length were selected. For more information and to read detailed interviews with the ten finalists of 2009, please visit

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