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SAMPLIFY Documentary Film Forum1 min read

14 September 2009 < 1 min read


SAMPLIFY Documentary Film Forum1 min read

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Moderated by Ms Tan Siok Siok, an acclaimed documentary filmmaker who is currently making the World’s first twittamentary, this forum will explore and engage participants in discussing documentary filmmaking and how it relates to the local film scene as well as regionally.

Joining her are experienced documentary filmmakers, Mr Craig McTurk whose documentary short, Street Songs, received a 1994 Student Academy Award in the documentary category. His other documentary film credits include, Tokyo Blues: Jazz & Blues in Japan, Highway Courtesans, and Satan & Adam.

Malcolm Young who has worked for Bang Productions as Executive in Charge of Production in Hong Kong and Singapore, and as such was responsible for the production of many long form documentaries, mostly for Discovery but also for National Geographic and others — those films included bio pics of Joan Chen and Jackie Chan, as well as the award winning Hanging Coffins of China.

Some questions we will be exploring are, what to shoot and when? When to turn the camera on and and when to turn it off? The editing begins when you decide what to shoot and what to leave out. Is it possible to make a neutral documentary? Without prejudice or bias? Should you try? Documentary filmmaking is visual story telling and MUST be entertaining in today’s world – many documentaries are effects heavy these days. What are some ways that a documentary filmmaker can make their films more impactful? Presenter lead? Voice over? Interviews? Animations? CGI? Grab this opportunity to ask the filmmakers these and more.

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