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The Game of Their Lives…1 min read

25 June 2009 < 1 min read


The Game of Their Lives…1 min read

Reading Time: < 1 minute

The Game of Their Lives (PG)

2002 | Documentary | North Korea | English and Korean with English subtitles | 80 mins | $10

Director: Daniel Gordon

In conjunction with the Asian Youth Games 2009, Sinema Old School is bringing in another Daniel Gordon film (with producer Nicholas Bonner), The Game Of Their Lives.

The documentary was made to find out the truth about the North Korean football heroes of 1966 who created the greatest shock in World Cup history coming in as 1000:1 outsiders and beating the Italians. On their return to North Korea, they were never heard from again, amongst rumours that they had been imprisoned due to womanising and drinking. They not only tracked down the surviving members of the team but in 2002 took them back to the UK and the scenes of their victories including a 33,000 standing ovation at Middlesbrough FC.

Showtimes here.

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