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A State of Mind1 min read

11 March 2009 < 1 min read


A State of Mind1 min read

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A State of Mind (PG)

2004 | Documentary | $10

Director: Daniel Gordon

Eastateofmind.jpgntitled ‘A State of Mind’, this documentary follows two young gymnasts and their families for over eight months in the lead up to the Mass Games- involving a cast of thousands in a choreographed socialist realism spectacular- the biggest and most elaborate human performance on earth.

The film provides a rare glimpse into what is one of the world’s least known societies. North Korea is sealed off from outside influences. It borders China and Russia to the north, and to the south there is a 4km wide impenetrable border with South Korea. The country follows its own communist ideals, a strict philosophy known as the Juche Idea wrapped around the worship of the Kim dynasty — Kim II Sung, their Eternal President who died in 1994 but remains Head of State, and his son and successor, Kim Jong II, known as the General.

Part of Sinema’s vision to reach out to independent films around the world, A State of Mind will be having its premiere screening on the 9th of April 2009 at 8.00pm and will be shown throughout the month of April. For more details, check out the Sinema OldSchool Calendar.

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