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THE 3RD Singapore Indie Doc Fest2 min read

3 March 2009 2 min read


THE 3RD Singapore Indie Doc Fest2 min read

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Edgy, indie documentaries that say what they want

The 3rd Singapore Indie Doc Fest (SIDF), Singapore’s only dedicated documentary film festival, returns from 8 – 16 March 2009 and will feature some of the edgiest but highly relevant documentaries in today’s world.

With a main programme spanning 10 days and over 20 screenings, as well as a series of free ‘fringe’ screenings, the films will explore a wide range of fascinating topics such as the lyricism of Haruki Murakami, the compelling propaganda of the Soviet Union, the untold story of Malaysia’s struggle for independence, the intense and insane Brazilian passion for football, democracy in a Chinese primary school, life as an Israeli reservist and more!

Three special programmes have also been organized. The ‘International Women’s Day Programme’ is happening on 8th March and will feature a women’s charity fundraiser screening and storytelling session, ‘China Indie Doc Focus’ on 14th March will include rare China documentaries made by Chinese underground guerilla filmmakers and is curated by Prof. Paul Pickowicz, from the US who will be moderating the post-screening Q&As, and ‘Underneath the Radar’ on 15th March will showcase independent documentaries on contemporary social injustices faced by people around the world.

Some of the highlights of the 3rd Singapore Indie Doc Fest include “Seeds of Summer” which looks at Israeli female military training à la BMT style and the bonds that form between these sisters in arms (director Hen Lasker and producer Elinor Kowarsky will be here to do a post-screening discussion), “Vogliamo Anche Le Rose” (We Want Roses Too) is a charity screening to raise funds for the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations’ initiative The Star Shelter and is a film about the Italian feminist movement, “Dinner with Murakami” which is about the lyrical world created by the reclusive best-selling author Haruki Murakami, “Downstairs” that puts Project Superstar season 2 runner up Diya Tan in the director’s chair, “Revue” which features the creative re-editing of old USSR propaganda news reel footages, “Please Vote for Me” showing a social experiment about democracy in the classroom for communist China, “Who Killed Our Children?” about the terrible damage and mis-handling during the Sichuan Earthquake, “Strawberry Fields” & “Alpha Diaries” about the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict.

This year, the 3rd Singapore Indie Doc Fest partners the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO) and the Storytelling Association of Singapore and enjoys the support of the Singapore Film Commission, Lee Foundation, the Embassy of Israel, the Embassy of France, Singapore Art Museum, Underneath the Radar and Objectifs Centre for Photography and Filmmaking.

For more information including the directors’ bios and film trailers, please see the full programme at

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