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Sweet Dreams & Turtle Soup1 min read

24 January 2009 < 1 min read


Sweet Dreams & Turtle Soup1 min read

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Sweet Dreams and Turtle Soup (PG)

2003 | Drama | English w/ Chinese Subtitles | $8

Director: Mabel Gan-Millians

Sweet Dreams and Turtle Soup tells the coming-of-age story of Sarsi, a sixteen-year-old girl who dreams of a better life away from the family’s turtle soup stall.

sdts.jpg She is obsessed with studying for the approaching O’levels because she believes that doing well in this important exam is her path to happiness. However, her grandmother falls ill and she is forced by her mother to spend even more time working at the stall. As the exams approach, the stress builds up for Sarsi until she resorts to desperate measures that can only spell disaster.

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