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NCADA launches campaign of Royston shorts1 min read

8 December 2008 < 1 min read


NCADA launches campaign of Royston shorts1 min read

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The National Council Against Drug Abuse (NCADA) has recently launched a pro-bono campaign that aims to reach out to youths, who are potentially at the risk of abusing drugs, specifically glue inhalation.

glue.jpgStraying away from the norms of traditional free-to-air TV platform, a series of four short films directed by local director Royston Tan has been slated to air in cinemas and on TV Mobile (Singapore’s TV service on buses). Posters will also be put up at bus shelters.

The four shorts will feature untrained talents in depicting true accounts of past addicts’ cases and will run till March 2009. The films also tie in outdoor posters that displays the letters relating true life experiences of glue inhalation.

Carolyn Kan, chairperson of the media and publicity sub-Committee, and NCADA member said, “Given that many of the addicts arrested are youths, the NCADA wanted to raise awareness of the harm glue inhalation inflicts on our teen population and deter youths from experimenting with glue-sniffing.

Many youths are not aware that glue-sniffing is addictive, causes physical impairment and carries stiff penalties.”

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