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The Days1 min read

27 November 2008 < 1 min read


The Days1 min read

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The Days (PG)

2008 | Drama/Action | Chinese & Hokkien with English Subtitles | 100mins | $8

Director: Boi Kwong

The Days is based on a true story, set in the early 1990’s. In an effort to teach Baby how to fend for himself, his older brother his older brother, Zi Long introduces him to his own gang of “brothers”.

In this naivety on both parts, their decisions bring them both into a vague, and violent world, with neither having a clear sense of the future, imprisoning them both, in many different ways.
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  1. bluriie

    Yeah! The Days is back! Saw it at Vivo. It was great! Finally its in PG. Now my under 16 friends can go watch too! (:

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