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A-cam dII releases test footages1 min read

25 November 2008 < 1 min read


A-cam dII releases test footages1 min read

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We’ve previously announced the new camera (called the A-cam dII) from Ikonoscop, and the company has now released test footages shot using the dII, and its looking pretty stunning!

Click on the links below to download the footages, which were shot in semi-controlled environments and were converted from DNG file sequences to Quicktime movie files.

acam1.jpgWorth checking out is the Night and Watch sequences, which showcases the full 1920 x 1080 resolution of the camera, encoded in h.264 and Animation.

Bil = 14,6 MB, 960×540 (half-res), h.264.
Falk = 23 MB, 1920×1080, h.264.
Night = 17,4 MB, 1920×1080, h.264.
Watch = 81,6 MB, 1920×1080, Animation.

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