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MDA & SFC to team with Brian Yuzna1 min read

18 November 2008 < 1 min read


MDA & SFC to team with Brian Yuzna1 min read

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The Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) and the Singapore Film Commission (SFC) will be helping fantasy filmmaker Brian Yuzna with underwriting, post-production and 3D work, as he embarks to produce a trio of 3D movies made and based in Indonesia.

brianyuzna.jpgSingapore’s involvement with Yuzna is one of the steps the country is taking toward its goal in becoming a global 3D animation filmmaking hub.

MDA chief Kenneth Tan commented,”Application of technology has always been a strength of Singapore, and we aim to make Singapore a hub for 3D filmmaking in the region, perhaps the world,”

Local production company Infinite Frameworks is also involved in the co-production of the first film entitled “Amphibious”, a thriller about a giant scorpion. Shooting for this film will begin roughly in March on Batam island.

The next 3D film on the roster is “Necronauts”, written by novelist Terry Bisson.

The final film, Cold Blooded, will be spearheaded by Richard Stanley, director for Hardware and Devil Dust. The film is a survival story about stranded Americans on an island and man-eating komodo dragons.

All three films will be shot in English, with low budgets made possible by the use of mixed crews, compromising international heads of department and local tech staff and talent; an approach used by Yuzna that established him a fantasy film base in Spain.

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