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AFA calls for local films1 min read

27 October 2008 < 1 min read


AFA calls for local films1 min read

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The Asian Film Archive in Singapore is celebrating its second UNESCO World Day, on the 27th of October, also known as World Audiovisual Heritage Day.

On this day, the Asian Film Archive will commemorate the occasion with an open call to the public in search for local films whose existence are barely known, or unknown.

The aims of this public search is to discover and unearth laudable local films that were thought to be lost, and preserve them. It also aims to raise an awareness globally, and stress an emphasis on the importance of preserving Singapore’s culture and heritage through its films. And of course, to make the Asian Film Archive known so that members of the public can turn to them for archival help or preserve films.

Since this year is especially proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly as the International Year of Languages, this second World Audiovisual Heritage Day would take into account that films would help to generate a greater understanding amongst communities through diversed languages. These films emphasize a historical, cultural, and cinematic importance to the local industry.

To find out more about this day, click here.

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