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Quantel to support RED1 min read

29 August 2008 < 1 min read


Quantel to support RED1 min read

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Quantel‘s eQ, iQ and Pablo now supports the RED ONE‘s footages. Its new importer allows the import of raw r3d files, and includes the ability for preview before importing.

q.jpgIt will also allow users to set in and out points to import only selected segments, and gives you full control over the resolutions, quality and settings of your import (choose from 1K all the way up to 4K). It also incorporates the full functionality of RED’s RAW capabilities, enabling you to adjust exposure, colourspace, colour temperature and more.

The RED importer will be available in version 4.0 of softwares and will be released in Oct 08′. For more information, visit Quantel’s official website.

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