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Ceciliation1 min read

25 August 2008 < 1 min read


Ceciliation1 min read

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Ceciliation (PG)

2000 | Drama | Singapore | English | 60min

Director: Jean Yeo

ceciliationCeciliation features the chaotic professional and family life of Cecilia and describes how she juggles the two roles and be successful (more or less) at both.

Cecilia is starting her new job as the head of counseling at a family service centre.  On her first day at work, she is greeted by a group of slightly neurotic and hostile colleagues who don’t think she has what it takes to be the boss.  To make matters worse, her first case is a suicidal teenage girl whom no one is taking seriously but whom Cecilia thinks is going to do something drastic very soon.

On top of that, Cecilia’s two sons are adjusting to a new maid and she suspects her husband is having an extramarital affair.  With so much happening, Cecilia barely manages to hold it all together.  Thank goodness for coffee…

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