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Singapore to make Point Break sequel2 min read

30 May 2008 2 min read


Singapore to make Point Break sequel2 min read

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17 years after box office hit Point Break was made in 1991, the movie comes back with a sequel, Point Break: Indo, which will be financed and produced by Singapore’s RGM Entertainment.

pointbreak2.jpgSlated to be shot entirely in Southeast Asia (including Singapore), Point Break 2 will revolve around an ex-professional surfer who enlists in the US Navy and is recruited to track down a criminal gang based in Southeast Asia. The film picks off right where it leaves off 17 years ago and reveals the fate of Bodhi, who was last seen swallowed by a giant killer wave in the final scene.

“For many surfers, Indonesia is considered the last frontier of their sport so we have visited a few locations, including Bali and Banda Aceh, on this research trip. We also want to include a vibrant cityscape where you can live the high life, and Singapore was an obvious choice for us,” said writer and director of the sequel, Peter Iliff.

CEO of RGM Entertainment Davesh Chetty says they are “extremely excited about making the sequel to a movie that was well-received and highly-regarded by audiences all around the world,” and explained that the film is set in Southeast Asia “to bring the flavours of the region to a world audience”. In an official press release, RGM announced that the film will be produced at an estimated cost of US$20 – US$30 million (S$27 – S$41 million). RGM is confident that a significant portion of the budget can be financed out of Singapore, with investors having indicated interest at this early stage of production.

Chetty added that “with emerging talent and an opening market, we believe that the future of movies is in Asia and we hope that we are able to capitalise on that with this movie.”

Post-production is also slated to be done in Singapore by local production houses commissioned by RGM. This opens up the chance for local post houses to be able to work alongside Hollywood directors, such as Jan de Bont of Speed and producers such as Chris Taylor and John Morgan. Meanwhile, RGM is currently in discussions with members of the original cast of Point Break to revive their roles, with additional Asian leads to be casted as well.

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