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Royston Tan’s film named 12 LOTUS1 min read

26 May 2008 < 1 min read


Royston Tan’s film named 12 LOTUS1 min read

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This is what we have been waiting for – the official title for Royston Tan’s latest film. Together with co-producers MediaCorp Raintree Pictures, Scorpio East Pictures and Infinite Frameworks, they have decided on the official title of Royston Tan’s upcoming musical movie to be 12 LOTUS.

1028.jpgPreviously known as 1028, 12 LOTUS will hit the screens on August 14, 2008. A prequel to Royston Tan’s box-office hit 881, it tells the story of a singer and the heartless men in her life who use and abuse her.

Spanning over 1980s, 1990s till the present day, this film, much like 881, will showcase a myriad of hokkien songs, which will touch audience with their resonance with the lead character.

Written and directed by Royston Tan, 12 LOTUS stars Qi Yu Wu, Mindee Ong and Liu Ling Ling. It also features acclaimed music composer Eric Ng from Funkie Monkies Productions and Ricky Ho who worked on films like Tsui Hark’s A Chinese Ghost Story and Legend Of Zu.

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