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The Magic that mesmerised Cannes1 min read

24 May 2008 < 1 min read


The Magic that mesmerised Cannes1 min read

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You know it must be magic when the whole Grand Theatre Lumiere in Cannes explodes into a 5 minute standing ovation. It could have been longer I swear.

My Magic 01 Cannes

I could feel my spine tingle as soon as the end credits roll. Even before I could finish drying my tears, the lights came on and the whole theatre burst into manic applause. and it just seemed like it would never end.

I can still remember when I first saw 12 Storeys 10 years ago. My Magic gave me the exact same feeling of yearning and heartache which I haven’t felt for a long time from watching a film.

Bosco Francis’ maiden screen performance, though raw at some points, was strong when portraying a father seeking forgiveness and redemption from a son. I really enjoyed fourteen-year-old Jathishweran’s performance and I must say that I’m impressed by his delivery.

This is writer Wong Kim Hoh’s third collaborative piece and I am really looking forward to more great films to come.

How can such a simple and low budget film move so many people to tears you ask?

All you need is a good story, a great team that will run with your vision and the rest they say, is simply magic.

Stay tuned for the full review.

My Magic’s official website.

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