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Neo Studios offers Apprenticeship Programme2 min read

13 May 2008 2 min read


Neo Studios offers Apprenticeship Programme2 min read

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Jack Neo first set up Neo Studios in October 2007, a company that he hoped could help provide financing and direction to budding young Singaporean filmmakers. With the increasing demand for talent in the movie industry, Neo Studios has opened its Director and Scriptwriter Search 2008 competition.

search.jpgThe search is on for six Director participants and six Scriptwriter participants to gain a contract for an Apprenticeship Programme under the mentorship of Jack Neo. The 12 participants will then vie it out for the huge opportunity to be his apprentice on an upcoming Neo Studios Movie, with a movie budget of up to S$1 million.

Working in pairs of one director and a scriptwriter, the candidates will go through a series of six Saturday workshops, plus a final presentation which will test their abilities to find the most suitable candidate for the Apprenticeship Programme. There will also be two assignments, consisting of a short film project and a mobile video project, which are submitted at the end of the coursework. More details of the projects will be given to the candidates during the first workshop, which kicks off in mid-August.

The competition welcomes both English and Chinese entries with only one entry per person. All workshops and assignments will be conducted in Mandarin. The competition is open to persons above the age of 18, regardless of nationality. For more information on the submission procedures of the entries, please visit the Jack Neo’s Movie Director and Scriptwriter Search 2008 website.

This is Jack Neo’s tenth year in the film industry, and the prolific filmmaker has already 11 movies under his belt. He set up Neo Studios as a company to deal with issues of filmmaking such as financing, market research, distribution and merchandising. To date, Neo Studios has forged ties with China through the establishment of the Raffles China Movie Fund that allowed I Not Stupid 1 and 2 to be screened in China. Also, Jack Neo’s recent production, Ah Long Pte Ltd, was the first movie co-produced between Singapore and Malaysia.

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