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Portable Film Festival1 min read

28 March 2008 2 min read


Portable Film Festival1 min read

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The Portable Film Festival comes to Singapore once again with its Portable Symposium and Screen Academy and is set to take place at The Arts House from 4 – 6 April 2008.

portable.jpgCreated as an experience showcasing the digital media phenomenon with free films being distributed to your portable devices such as the iPod and mobile phones, the festival is created by Melbourne’s Portable Content media company. It brings to Singapore bigwigs such as Ezra Cooperstein, director of Emmy Award winning Current TV, one of the world’s leading news and information network that produces programmes catered for online media distribution with a focus on audience/user content.

Also part of the symposium is Peter Giles, Head of Digital Media from the Australian Film and Television Radio School. He is will-known for establishing Australia’s leading professional programs in visual effects, computer animation and emerging media. His department has produced projects that have won awards at SIGGRAPH, AFI, Arts Electronica and the British and US Academy Awards.

In addition to the Portable Symposium, the Portable Screen Academy – through the Portable Film Festival – will also introduce the world’s leading practioners to Singapore and work with 24 local writers, producers and film-makers over two days, in HD Format, to produce two four-part online serials, assisting them to be the next big thing in online and on mobile, and breaking into the world of entertainment through Web 2.0.

Entry into the Portable Screen Academy remains open till 2 April 2008. You can join the fun here.

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