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Raintree announces 5 projects1 min read

17 March 2008 < 1 min read


Raintree announces 5 projects1 min read

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MediaCorp Raintree Pictures celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and announced its future projects — 5 in total — which includes three by prominent local filmmakers and two co-productions with Salon Films from Hong Kong.

raintree.jpgEric Khoo directs a biopic on Rose Chan, ‘Queen of Striptease’ in the 1950s era in Singapore. The film, entitled Chinese Rose, is set in the underbelly of Singapore during the 50s and told through the eyes of a journalist. Filming commences sometime in the third quarter, and will be co-produced by Khoo’s Zhao Wei Films.

Royston Tan leads his new company 10twentyeight with the film entitled 1028, a prequel to box office hit 881, and starts lensing at the end of this month.

Rule #1’s director Kelvin Tong also revealed plans to an as-of-now untitled film tying a love story with time-travel.

The two co-productions with Salon Films include Taller Than Yao Ming, a film revolving around an 11-year-old who journeys to Beijing to play basketball with the NBA star, and another unnamed political thriller set in Singapore in 1965.

(Source: Screen Daily)

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