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Gear up for the next Sinema Incubator Programme call-for-entry1 min read

13 February 2008 2 min read


Gear up for the next Sinema Incubator Programme call-for-entry1 min read

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The first round of call-for-entries has officially come to an end. The selection process has been grueling and sentiments from the panel members are that the submissions this time around lack a certain something – an original idea, a persuasive pitch and an overall appealing package that will have investors eager to pump in the cash.

sip.jpgThere are no projects selected for this round, but the second round of call-for-entries is now open (submission deadline 26 June 2008). And to ensure a level playing field for all entries plus help applicants present a developed and enticing proposal package, a briefing for all interested applicants will be held in March (date to be announced).

The next round will also include a pitching session for the shortlisted projects.

As one of the judges put it, a potential project has to pass the consideration “If I have $10, would I take it out to be part of this project?”, and what more, there are investors out there. These silent parties may not be making the most noise, but that only means they are full and overflowing vessels ready to sail. What comes first is the idea – do not limit yourself, do not even imitate. Come up with a spanking new idea and the support, financial or otherwise, will follow.

And the Sinema Incubator Programme endeavours to support these daring filmmakers not only in terms of equipment such as the latest Panasonic cameras and offline editing systems contributed by Apple, but also by bringing to the table a wealth of networking and possibly investment opportunities with industry experts, many of whom sit on the board of panel members.

More details are available on the Sinema Incubator Programme website.

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