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MDA and Science Centre sign MOU2 min read

26 December 2007 2 min read


MDA and Science Centre sign MOU2 min read

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The Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) and the Singapore Science Centre Board (SCB) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to generate greater awareness and opportunities of Interactive Digital Media (IDM) amongst Singaporeans and the industry.

dat.jpgThe agreement will allocate two of the Science Centre‘s labs as the permanent centre for students to create IDM content, and the MDA have announced that these labs will deploy state-of-the-art design and test prototypes with an emphasis on special effects and animation. In this respect the objective is to equip students with IDM skills and interest the in both the creative and research & development (R&D) side of IDM.

SCB and MDA will also develop a factual entertainment programme based on the themes of science, technology and media in high-definition. Co-funded by the MDA, the programme is part of the public service content and will be broadcasted over new media platforms such as the Internet and mobile.

SCB will also lend its expertise in implementing a showcase of IDM-related technologies, exhibits and projects at MDA’s new office in Fusionopolis. The Digital Art Technology exhibition is also on at the Singapore Science Centre, featuring the works of 20 to 30 award-winning exhibits from Ars Electronica, and includes activities such as workshops, lectures and seminars conducted by a line-up of top-name experts from around the world.

Dr Christopher Chia, CEO of MDA asserts: “IDM is increasingly becoming a ubiquitous part of our lives. To catalyse the development of Singapore’s IDM industry, we recognise that this is best achieved through its people. In this digital age, Singaporeans need to be savvy users of IDM and in so doing, stimulate demand for IDM content and services.”

The MOU was inked amidst the launch of IDM exhibits from IDM festivals in Tokyo and Korea (I-Tokyo and Creative Korea). There is also an Open Call Section conducted by the Singapore Science Centre, which attracted 52 international and local entries for interactive media works which merged design, art and technology. The four winning displays can be seen at the iSpace Nexus are in the Singapore Science Centre, and will remain there until the 1st of January, 2008.

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    Thanks for the heads-up, the logo has been amended to the DAT exhibit's one.

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    Erm... why's the IDA logo featured and not MDA's or the Science Centre's?

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