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ARTison1 min read

17 December 2007 < 1 min read


ARTison1 min read

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ARTison is a new art direction and production design company in Singapore, the first of its kind and is supported by Creative Community Singapore (CCS).

The company caters to both local and international production companies and individual filmmakers, providing production design services as well as creative support in areas such as rental, manufacturing, construction and maintenance of props, wardrobe and sets.

ARTison also has its very own workshop which offers construction and manufacturing services such as milling, sawing, metalwork and painting. It also provides rigging services and prosthetics. Additionally, it also provides consultacy, execution and management of production design, as well as art direction. Props for rent will be made available on an online catalogue as well.

CCS is a key initiative by the Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts (MICA), in partnership with the Private, People and Public sectors. CCS hopes to evolve a creative and connected community where arts, culture, business and technology converge to empower and engage individuals. By supporting the national drive to develop the Creative Industries (Arts and Heritage, Design and Media sectors), CCS aims to empower individuals, teams and organizations to initiate and pilot cutting edge projects that will unleash individual and community creativity, nurture creative ideas and build demand and capabilities for the Creative Industries.

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