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Sinema Showoff!1 min read

15 December 2007 < 1 min read


Sinema Showoff!1 min read

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To all film professionals, amateurs, students we think your films deserves to have a life outside of tapes, DVDs and harddisks. Be they documentaries, narratives or even experimental work, Sinema is now doing a call for entries for our weekly Sinema Showoff! on Tuesday evenings.

showoff.jpgAll short films will be curated and grouped under relevant genres and compiled into a 60min-long programme. Student works (individually or school-submitted) are also welcomed.

Contact us at with the header “I want to Showoff!” and more information in this format;

*Name of Director:
*Name of Producer:
*Production Co/School:
*Title of film:
*Year of production:
*MDA Rating:
*Highest quality format:

Schools and other inst can also contact us for student work screenings as well.

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