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‘Remember Chek Jawa’ wins Mark Haslam Award1 min read

5 November 2007 < 1 min read


‘Remember Chek Jawa’ wins Mark Haslam Award1 min read

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Eric Lin’s documentary Remember Chek Jawa has won the coveted Mark Haslam Award at the Planet in Focus International Environmental Film Festival held in Toronto.

chekjawa.jpgThe Mark Haslam award is given to films that gives voice to individuals, communities or struggles that are under-represented in the media and made by a filmmaker who is a member/participant in that community, struggle or story. The work must demonstrate power to inspire reflection and positive action towards the social and ecological health of the planet.

Remember Chek Jawa chronicles the efforts of individuals who volunteered to help out with a survey of the island, one of which would provide feedback to the government and decided the fate of the ecosystem — if this gem of an island would forever be buried by land reclamation projects.

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