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Gear Talk: New DivX updates1 min read

11 October 2007 2 min read


Gear Talk: New DivX updates1 min read

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DivX has released version 6.7 for download for both PCs and Macs. The new HD version of the celebrated codec/converter/player can now compress and encode videos at a full 1920 x 1080 progressive resolution, resulting in a file size that is easily 10 times smaller than MPEG-2 (DVD) format.

divx.jpgThe 6.7 codec now boasts the official DivX 1080HD profile, which assures playback on DivX video on certified devices. Just recently, the company has announced that it has crossed the 100 million mark in deploying DivX certified video devices “since the launch of the DivX Certification programme in 2003”.

Besides allowing your media players to playback the DivX files, the codec also lets users reduce grain and low-light noise without degrading video quality. It is also maximised for multi-thread processors such as the Intel Core Duo and Core 2 Duo.

Also worth getting excited over is the DFX Audio Enhancer included in the DivX Player. Already known as an excellent sound plug-in for Winamp, Windows Media Player etc, the plug-in allows you to adjust your sound on five levels in order to compensate for the ‘lossy’ compression. These include: Fidelity (accuracy), Ambience (to match your surroundings), 3D Surround (self-explanatory), Dynamic Boost (for levels) and Hyperbass (for souping up the bass line).

DivX 6.7 for Windows includes:
– DivX Player 6.5.0
– DivX Community Codec 6.7
– DivX Web Player 1.3.1
– DivX Converter 6.5 (15-day trial)
– DivX Pro Codec 6.7 (15-day trial)
– DivX Content Uploader 1.1.0

DivX 6.7 for Mac includes:
– DivX Player 2.0
– DivX Community Codec 6.6
– DivX Web Player 1.3.1
– DivX Converter 1.2 (15-day trial)
– DivX Pro Codec 6.6 (6-month trial)

**Note: DivX 6 is not supported on Windows98 or Windows ME.

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