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The High Cost of Living wins Best Feature Film1 min read

8 October 2007 < 1 min read


The High Cost of Living wins Best Feature Film1 min read

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Singapore film The High Cost of Living won the Best Feature Film award at the 9th International Panorama of Independent Filmmakers in Greece. Directed by Leonard Lai and starring Yeo Yann Yann and Timothy Nga, the film opened more than a year ago and has since travelled across the globe and competed in over 13 international film festivals.

highcost.jpgThe M18 film released by Catha-Keris was competing against 18 other entries at the festival and emerged top, proving to be a critical success despite its limited run locally at The Picturehouse. It is currently competing at the ongoing 5th Asian Film Festival in Rome, Italy.

Synopsis [source: Yahoo Movies]: Gid earns a living by eliminating problems for his clients. Terminally. He is a killer for hire but not a very good one and soon finds himself being hunted by Long, a professional government assassin whose marriage to his wife, Sulee, is failing because of what he does. Gid’s long-time friend, Aloysius and his girlfriend, Lily, becomes involved in the mess as he desperately tries to rectify the situation. A trail of bodies leads all the main players to a high-tension hostage situation and when it is all over, none of them will come out the same.

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  1. Jon

    Seriously? I didn't think it was a very good movie...

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