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Remember Chek Jawa1 min read

1 October 2007 < 1 min read


Remember Chek Jawa1 min read

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Directed & Produced by: Eric Lin

Remember Chek Jawa will be screened at the “Planet in Focus” International Environmental Film & Video Festival in Toronto, Canada held on 24 – 27 October, 2007.

Synopsis [source: official website]: Chek Jawa, an inter-tidal area encompassing six ecosystems within one square kilometer, on Pulau (=island) Ubin in Singapore, was discovered by local conservationists only in January 2001. Since the discovery, her amazingly rich marine biodiversity drew thousands of visitors, both young and old, to revel in the beauty of her shores. Unfortunately, this magnificent shore had an expiration date.

The tiny nation-state of Singapore has always struggled with land scarcity issues. A decade earlier, the Singapore Government had approved plans to carry out land reclamation at Pulau Ubin. With land reclamation now just months away, the shoreline of Chek Jawa was about to suffer its fate. Most Singaporeans were resigned to the thought that it would be impossible to reverse the Government’s decision.

However, several groups of passionate volunteers refused to give up on this precious slice of nature. They documented, publicised, educated and provided feedback to government. This film tells the story of one of these groups, a special group of individuals who came together from all walks of life, who followed their hearts to make a difference against the odds.

Trailer for indie documentary Remember Chek Jawa:


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