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First Look: ‘The Leap Years’1 min read

13 September 2007 < 1 min read


First Look: ‘The Leap Years’1 min read

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Directed by: Jean Yeo
Produced by: MediaCorp Raintree Pictures
The Leap Years is slated for release early next year, and stars Joan Chen, Qi Yu Wu, Ananda Everingham and Wong Li-Lin.

Synopsis [source: Raintree Pictures]: Based on a novella by well-acclaimed writer Dr Catherine Lim, The Leap Years is a movie about a young Singaporean girl having chance upon her special someone on 29th February. She decides to base her intuition on an Irish leap year tradition that no man will refuse any request of a lady and invites him out for a date. Together, they embark on a romantic journey that spans over 12 years, meeting only thrice in 12 years, on the leap year.

Together with a colourful cast including Joan Chen, Ananda Everingham, Li Lin, Qi Yu Wu, Vernetta Lopez, Nadya Hutagulung — THE LEAP YEARS aims to capture the fascinating sensibilities and the essence of life in contemporary Singapore.

Trailer for upcoming movie: The Leap Years.
Source: YouTub

  1. Marie

    Hey Nivlek, what's with your comment about Singapore movies? Whether its going to be a flop or not is still unknown. Whether they released it intentionally next year or delayed it is also unknown. Don't judge a film even before it is released.

  2. Nivlek

    They shot this film in 2004, and only released it 3 years later. Insider source: Daniel Yun already knows that it's going to be a flop, cos they intended to release it on Valentine's Day intially, but held it until now. Given Jean Yeo as the director, whose Orche Pictures is famous for undercutting its employees and interns, you can roughly know that it will probably do even worse than GONE SHOPPING ($31000 a the box office). Someone pls get me a great S;pore director who can make films that appeal to the mass PLEASE...

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