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7th Asian Film Symposium – S-Express Singapore4 min read

3 September 2007 4 min read


7th Asian Film Symposium – S-Express Singapore4 min read

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Presented by The Substation’s Moving Images, the 7th Asian Film Symposium is a highly regarded programme that will showcase exceptional independent films curated by guest programmers from Singapore and around the region. The Symposium will run from 6 September 2007 to 10 September 2007.

Asian Film Symposium“S-Express Singapore”, a travelling short film programme curated by Zhang Wenjie and Yuni Hadi, will introduce viewers to Singapore’s most notable and outstanding independent filmmakers. Curator Zhang Wenjie, and filmmakers Chai Yee Wei (Blood Ties), Raihan Halim (Sunat) and Boo Junfeng (Stranger) will also be making a special appearance at the screening.

Remember Chek Jawa, a moving documentary about one of Singapore’s rare natural assets, will be one of the two closing films of the Symposium. Filmmaker Eric Lim will be present at the screening to meet the audience as well.

Apart from the film screenings, there will also be a forum: “The Asian Film Festival Circuit”, which aims to address the many concerns faced by independent filmmakers in the region when submitting films to various film festivals. The Forum will include curators and filmmakers, who will enlighten participants on ways to maximise distribution and also give advice on taking part in festival competitions.

Screening schedule:

S-Express Singapore – Fri 7 September 7.30pm
1. Blood Ties / Chai Yee Wei / 2007 / 12:20 min / Singapore / Chinese with English subtitles
Qing was the sole witness to her brother’s murder. But when her brother’s murderers turn up dead, things don’t appear to be as simple as they seem. Madam Lee, after having to cope with the recent death of her son, now has to deal with the possibility that her daughter is involved with the deaths of these killers.

2. The Mole / Victric Thng / 2007 / 12 min / Singapore / English
Little Molly Parker fell sick one autumn. Her worried parents quickly summoned the family doctor, Mr Anderson, to attend to her. The first visit from the doctor was such a titillating experience that Molly secretly hopes for his next visit. Her dark desire leads to an unexpected turn in her life. The Mole is a whimisical tale about longing and pining.

3. Remember Me / Benjamin Tan / 2006 / 8:36 min / Singapore / Chinese with English subtitles

If there was one thing in life finally worth living for, is it worth giving up everything else to keep it?

4. Sunat / M. Raihan Halim / 2007 / 10 min / Singapore / Malay and English with Malay and English subtitles

Every guy has a definitive moment when they leave boyhood and graduate into the shoes of a man. For one boy, it is through the journey of the “sunat” (circumcision).

5. Stranger / Boo Junfeng & Adrian Tan / 2004 / 4:41 min / Singapore / Chinese with English subtitles
A Chinese boy returns to Little India during Deepavali to reminisce about a time when his close friends celebrated Singapore’s many cultural festivals together. A celebration and reflection on colour; and the contemplation of estrangement in one’s own homeland.

6. Dream A Rainbow / Ming / 2006 / 1 min / Singapore / English

The video was made to promote the website, a project in which the artist has set out to study the culture and psyche of the ordinary Singaporean. The video highlights some of the shots listed in the project with a twist at its closing.

7. 4 days 3 nights / Ming / 2007 / 1:15 min / Singapore

Intrigued by what people would do to get a car in Singapore, Ming has decided to document Singaporean’s obsession for cars at its best. The annual Subaru Impreza Challenge brings out the point about how much cars are valued and sought after here on our little island state.

Forum: “The Asian Film Festival Circuit”, Sat 8 September 4pm.
Free admission! Please register at

Closing Films – Mon 10 September 7.30pm

Remember Chek Jawa / Eric Y W Lim / 47 mins / 2006 / Singapore / English / PG
Chek Jawa, an inter-tidal area encompassing six ecosystems within one square kilometer on Pulau (island) Ubin in Singapore, was discovered by local conservationists only in January 2001. Since the discovery, her amazingly rich marine biodiversity drew thousands of visitors, both young and old, to revel in the beauty of her shores. Unfortunately, in 1992, the Singapore Government approved development plans to carry out land reclamation in 10 years time along the shoreline of Chek Jawa to create ‘reserve land’ for military training. This film tells the story of how a band of passionate volunteers, who came from all walks of life, followed their hearts and made a difference against the odds to save Chek Jawa.
Visit for more information.

S-Express Singapore at The Substation Theatre at $6 and $4 (concession) from, tel: 6222 5595
Free admission for the Forum with registration at
Closing films at The Picturehouse priced at $10, tickets available from, tel 6235 1155.

Visit the The Asian Film Symposium’s website for more details.

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