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Finally…P2 Contents Management Software for Mac!2 min read

24 August 2007 2 min read


Finally…P2 Contents Management Software for Mac!2 min read

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If you are having nightmares searching for the exact P2 clip to replace because the client decided at the last minute that they would prefer the MCU shot instead of the ECU because you are on the Mac platform, then you, my friend are in luck.

Our PC friends have always had a P2 viewer software from the beginning of time.

picture-10.pngFor those of us who live in the Mac world didn’t have such luck. We either had to get a PC laptop just to be able to view the rushes on set or we had to purchase a 3rd-party P2 HD Log because FCP version 5.1.1 (what we were using when we got our AG-HVX202) doesn’t let you view and log the clips, you just had import all the clips in at once. FCP version 5.1.4 was the turning point with a built in viewer/logger but still, there should be a way to view and log P2 clips outside of Final Cut Pro. Why PC and not Mac you ask?

Well, the Panasonic guys have finally started to listen to our pleas and I’m happy to say that the new official Panasonic P2 Contents Management Software along with the very concise user manual really does work like a charm! We’ve tested the software on our 24″ iMac, our 4-core MacPro and we’ve managed to read all our footages from a daisy-chain of external drives. Finall
This great (and FREE!) software not only allows you to view your clips, you can now;

  • search via metadata info
  • categorize your clips
  • add text and voice memos
  • print out the log sheet
  • backup and archive

The list just goes on and in short, it’s more than just a viewer, you can now manage your whole entire archive of P2 footage.

From the official website:

Operating Environment (Macintosh)

* Mac OS X v10.4.10
* QuickTime 7.1.6 (7.2.0 is not supported.)
* To play back DVCPROHD format clips, following are necessary.
o Apple Final Cut Pro 5.1.4
* Macintosh computers such as 1.5GHz or greater PowerPC G4, PowerPC G5 and Intel Core Duo processor.
* RAM: 512MB or greater
* 1,024 x 768 or greater display
* The P2 driver included with the P2 product must be installed.
*Recommended environment to play back DVCPROHD format clips.
o CPU: Intel Core Duo (2GHz or greater)
o RAM: 1GB or greater

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